Michael Saylor Says MicroStrategy Margin Call Talk Is ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

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MicroStrategy (MSTR) CEO Michael Saylor reiterated his bullish stance on owning bitcoin as part of the company’s strategy, and said he remains unconcerned about a margin call on the company’s bitcoin-backed loan from Silvergate.

  • “The margin call thing is much ado about nothing,” Saylor said on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” Wednesday morning. “It’s just made me Twitter famous, so I appreciate that,” he added.

  • “On a multibillion-dollar balance sheet, we’ve only got a $200 million loan that we have to collateralize and we’re 10x over collateralized on that right now,” Saylor added.

  • Saylor also said MicroStrategy continues to generate cash flow, and that “from time to time as we have excess cash, we’re going to buy more [bitcoin],” he told CNBC. “Our strategy is: Buy it and hold it and sweep our free cash flows into bitcoin.”

  • When asked whether it would make sense for the company to buy some of its own bonds, which are trading at a discount, Saylor said that “the securities market is very volatile” and that the company’s investors are very aware of its bitcoin-focused strategy.

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