News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement

From MarketWatch:

This teacher who retired early at age 29 is navigating FIRE after divorce divided his assets: Achieving financial independence and retiring at an early age is tough to do, even more so when raising a family and going through a divorce. 

Do I need to file a tax return if most of my income is Social Security?: This is a common question, and not knowing the answer can be quite the costly mistake

Growing old is expensive. This might be a good way to pay for it: No one knows how much health care will cost exactly as they age, but it’s good to start looking into the numbers and preparing for it

Also on MarketWatch:

Starbucks CEO gets a $60 million ‘golden goodbye’ even as company tries to keep out unions

If you want to golf for the rest of your life, the biggest obstacle you face is injury. Learn to keep yourself, and your game, in tiptop shape. 

How ‘washed up… old man’ Warren Buffett is getting the last laugh 

Saving for retirement is easy enough – spending it is more complicated

Dreaming of retiring abroad? Watch out for these 3 giant pitfalls 

Medicare Advantage enrollment period is coming to an end – how to make sense of your healthcare before it’s too late 

What’s the ‘ideal’ time to claim Social Security?

Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears were both under conservatorships – here’s what you can learn from them 

More in retirement news:

The world’s best women’s tennis player, Ash Barty, is retiring at age 25 (NPR)

How to protect your retirement savings as inflation soars (Tampa Bay Times)

Inflation is cutting into fixed incomes for seniors and retirees (The Washington Post)

When should you choose a retirement community? Our local expert offers these tips (Dayton Daily News)

Retirement the Margaritaville Way (The New Yorker)

3 inflation-impacted costs that can eat away your retirement (Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Your financial future: Life expectancy key to retirement planning (Observer-Reporter)

Research and Insight:

Women are far less financially prepared for retirement than men: TransAmerica study (Fox Business)

The hidden costs of incentivising later retirement (VOX Eu)

A look at retirement challenges facing Americans today (Employee Benefit News)

Great Resignation: 21% of workers who left job cashed out 401(k) – how can they rebuild savings? (GOBankingRates)

Disability applicants’ opioid use in decline (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

$10,000 to move one state over? How to save on moving costs 

This Italian grandmother is a sensation on TikTok with her traditional home cooking 

Why it’s OK to do nothing in retirement – and other times, too 

The Trust Act is not the way to fix Social Security 

Young people say there’s no point saving for retirement until ‘things get back to normal’ 

Unretirement has a new face – and it’s Tom Brady 

Many companies are enriching their retirement benefits 

My wife and I are in our 50s with $300,000 in a 401(k) and $700,000 in a pension. I can’t work much longer. Will we be able to ‘live a simple life’ in retirement?

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